Why Use A Realtor?

Your home is probably your largest and most treasured asset. Buying and selling homes involves complicated transactions, careful marketing, skillful negotiating and a full-time real estate professional that has the time to network effectively on your behalf.  It probably doesn’t bother you that your waiter works part-time and is in school full time. Part-time store clerks are perfectly acceptable. On the other hand, you would probably think twice about a part-time surgeon or a part-time nuclear engineer. After all, isn’t keeping up with and refining one’s skills in a demanding field a full-time pursuit in itself? Why then should you settle for a part-time real estate professional?

A Realtor doesn’t just spend time working with buyers and sellers. We study market trends. Which areas of town are appreciating fastest? Where are properties turning over quickly and where is inventory piling up? What features are buyers looking for that they are willing to pay more for? What features make a home dated in buyers’ eyes?  All of these are questions that we research every day. With over 30.000 resale properties on the market in the Denver area at any given time, and thousands more being built it is a full time job to stay on top of this ever-changing market.

This market demands constant education. We attend seminars and certification classes offered by the North Metro Board of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, various title companies and Metrolist which are invaluable resources. We work with appraisers, home inspectors, lenders, and other professionals on a regular basis. These become sources for market information as well.

We proudly belong to the North Metro Board of Realtors where we adhere to a strict Code of Ethics which can be found by clicking on the following link: Realtor Code of Ethics

No doubt, there are many capable real estate professionals who for a variety of reasons are only available on a part-time basis.  Isn’t it nice to know that you have a full time Realtor working on YOUR behalf?